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I screamed for joy. . . then cried tears of relief

I am pretty sure I stopped breathing for a bit when I saw my name. I couldn't believe that with over 2,500 applications I was one of the PB Rising Stars Runner-Ups.

I was thrilled that someone saw my work and picked ME. Someone ACTUALLY choose ME! I have learned to have a tough skin with the rejection that comes with trying to get an agent.

Being chosen as a runner-up was just the validation I needed to know I was on the right track. There is someone out there that connects with my writer's voice. I was so relieved to know that someone saw my writing as good enough that I couldn't hold back the tears.

Meeting with David was wonderful. He was so encouraging while as the same time gave me constructive feedback that helped me reach deeper to grow as a creative.

I have to do a shout out to my ALL STAR critique group. Their support through the application process was invaluable. I wasn't sure if David would like my story, but they helped me see I was a great fit for his list. My group helped me proof-read my application as well. They are all talented writers, and I looking forward celebrating the wins each one of us will achieve.

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