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Crying Cherry Blossoms

I wrote this for a writing twitter writing contest (#springflingkidlit). Choose a spring GIF and 150 word limit. I didn't get any award for it, but I was proud of it because it was a piece I wrote to bring healing. I cried most of the time I wrote it.

It was written in honor of 16 year old niece whose bone cancer had just returned. While the world was growing back from winter, it felt like it was denied for our family. Luckily her treatment has gone well and healing seems to being coming. fight4elizabeth! You've got this!


By Ellen Meeks

Blossoms appeared on the branches Aria had spent months staring at from her bed.

Aria remembered the trees lost their kaleidoscope of fall colors at the same time she lost her hair.

She and the trees spent the winter bare, cold, and hollow.

Aria wondered what the blossoms would bring. “Mama, will the smell of spring hurt my nose?”

Mama adjusted her blankets, “The smell of spring is sweet and fresh.”

Aria ached to replace the stinging scent that came with her chemo treatments. “Mama, can I go sit under the trees? I’m strong enough to go outside again.”

Mama agreed, “You are strong, Sweetheart.”

Pink confetti rained on Aria as if to celebrate her treatments coming to an end.

“Mama, the trees have grown back their flowers. Soon I will grow back my hair.”

Aria inhaled, “Spring smells like hope.”

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